Snow Tunes.

Happy Snow Day to all the East Coasters out there.

As an adult, snow days can be awfully miserable. You spend an hour cleaning off your car with no gloves because you left them in your friends back seat. Then you nearly die navigating the treacherous roads while some lunatic with his high-beams on tries to kiss your bumper.

Its a less than magical experience to say the least.

Oh how I long for a simpler time when all a snow day meant was hot chocolate and 24 hours in pajamas!

So to get everyones spirits up I decided to share with you my favorite snow tunes. All of these songs are different, yet each succeed in making the winter seem just a little less cold.

Stay warm and enjoy!

Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal

The White Stripes- Cold Cold Night

She and Him- Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Johnny Flynn- Tunnels

James Blake- A Case Of You

The Avett Brothers- January Wedding

Laura Marling- Night After Night

What’s your favorite winter song or album? Please share in the comments or email your suggestions to or tweet me @stephanienina



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