Easy Coaster DIY from Darby Smart

A few posts ago I had mentioned the convenient and hassle-free way to craft with Darby Smart‘s seemingly endless (and creative) kits. While perusing the site I had come across the Moroccan Coasters, I was immediately drawn to the ease and usability. Plus, it comes with really pretty gold spray paint. So there’s that.


The package arrived a little over a week later, which was good considering they don’t charge for shipping. In anticipation of the large amount of snow forecasted for the north east this week, I decided to wait until I was properly snowed-in to tackle this project.


The kit comes with everything you need for your selected craft. Mine came with 4 white tiles, superglue, cork rounds, gold pray paint, Mod Podge (and applicator) and the stencils. I used the paper that wrapped the tiles to protect my table from any stray paint.They also provide fairly simple instructions.

The first step involved super-glueing the cork rounds onto the back of the tiles. The entire process took only a few minutes. I kept pressure on the rounds to ensure a tight hold.


Once they were secure I began cutting out the square patterns I wanted to use. They come in a solid sheet, but they’re a lot easier to use when separate. You will be happy you took the time to cut straight lines once you start the spray paint portion of this craft.

Then I placed the patterns on top of the tiles, taping them on all sides so they remained pressed tight against the tiles. Try to get them as centered as possible, but don’t fret too much, part of the charm of crafting is the kitschy imperfections.

Then spray paint them moving from side to side. Holding the can above the stencil will help create a sharper image. Keeping it at an angle may cause blurry lines.



I did two coats of paint on each tile, allowing for 5 mins of drying time in between. Once they were fully dry (10-15mins) I peeled off the tape and stencil to reveal the beautiful finished product.


I was really happy with the way these turned out, and they have made a nice addition to the living room. If I had to do it again I probably would’ve put a bit more consideration into what stencils I used. The ones with greater intricate detail tend to have a higher chance of imperfections. Solid bold patterns are the way to go.

Overall the kit really DID provide you with all of the tools, some of which can be reusable for future endeavors. I would highly recommend all you crafty people check out this site immediately.

Use the code “howdydarby” for a free $10 gift card to put towards your first kit.

Happy Crafting.



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