What you Should Be Listening to Today: The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart continue to exemplify the magic that stems from perfect timing and undeniable talent. Their sophomore album, Lets Be Still has all the charm of their self-titled debut plus some added polish. The whimsy poetry-put-to-melody approach is evident in songs like “These Days are Numbered” and “My Friends”, however they still hold true to their folksy roots with “Another Story” (See above video), “Shake”, and “Summertime”. Trust me. These songs will embed themselves into your cerebral cortex like some microscopic parasite. Enjoy this album on a particularly sunny Saturday afternoon, or on your morning drive, these guys (and one gal) are sure to brighten your day and your life.

“I’ll tell you one thing
We ain’t gonna change much
The sun still rises
Even through the rain”

Happy Listening.



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