Do I still have to watch Mad Men?

Mad Men

From the very first episode some odd years ago, Mad Men had dug a tiny deep space out in my heart. I had always thought Don Draper to be a man with countless flaws and almost as many equally redeeming qualities. I, as the audience member, fully accepted who he was. I understood his secrets and I forgave his indiscretions, yet as of late I find it harder and harder to relate to, or even understand him as a character.

Maybe that was the intention of the writers, to slowly remove Don from viewers good graces for a potential tragic ending? Either way the first episode of Season 7 was a downright snooze-fest. Not to mention that waiting a year in between seasons left me totally in the dark when it came to some plot points. I found myself Googling season 6 just so I could understand what they were even talking about.

Mad Men

I accept that this is a slow moving drama, where the pieces are greater than the some of its parts, but oh dear Lord, this thing is moving slowly. If you’re following me on Twitter @Stephanienina, you already know my feelings.

It pains me to admit this, but I even lost a few minutes to the beyond horrifying Lindsay Lohan docu-series/ OWN lifeline. Don being lost and alone is nothing new, he’s always been an island of tortured memories. Even a Neve Campbell cameo seemed out of place and just down right strange. What was that? The mile-high club for the emotionally destroyed? Poor Peggy is not only not allowed to have a man love her, the wardrobe people obviously hate Elisabeth Moss too. Please no more turtlenecks and oversized plaid suits. Although, that floor-sob did pull some heartstrings (please give her a happy ending).

Mad Men

The thought of spending another season with Meghan is almost too horrid to bare. The episode at least gave some glimpse into her possible demise.

It could happen. Otherwise her storyline has gone stale, she made it to Hollywood, so good for her? Don no longer seems interested and nor do we. I think bringing it back around to Betty may be an interesting and probably non-believeable turn of events. However it goes down hopefully we will soon be saying buh-bye to Miss Zou Bisou Bisou.

Mad Men

The truth is, I will probably stick it out until the very end. I can’t help myself, it’s been too long and I want to see all the characters arc’s completed. I’m going to continue to pepper in some Lindsey Lohan and pray that the series finale will be something worth waiting for.

Please share with me your thoughts on the show in the comments or on Twitter.



4 thoughts on “Do I still have to watch Mad Men?

  1. When Pete’s wardrobe is what gets your interest, you know the season opener is a snooze-fest. No suspense, same tired plot lines, and nothing to hold your attention. I will continue watching also but sooooooo disappointed! Meghan is no Betty!

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