Is makeup the enemy?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my makeup, I love to spend money I don’t have on it , and I love love making my eyelashes double the length they will ever grow naturally, but that’s not the point. The point is, makeup isn’t what you look like, it’s waxes and pigments that create a person you would rather be. So when someone refers to the real you as being “ugly as fuck”, which was experienced by the Manrepeller’s Leandra Mendine (As explained in this blog post, Why I don’t Wear Makeup), one must really consider the benefits and disadvantages of a made-up face.

Have we become so accustom to filled-in brows, bright pink cheeks, shimmering lids and dark full lashes that anything less seems ugly? Be honest, we have all seen those gossip-rag headlines about celebrities without makeup, you may have even picked up a copy waiting in line at Walgreens. Did you not think that Katie Holmes should’ve probably added an extra layer of concealer under her eyes? Or that SJP looks old and wrinkly? I have often wondered if these thoughts are our own, or just what we have been told to feel.

Katie Holmes

I for one would not like to be held to that standard of perfection. Some days I have bogs under my eyes or a chin pimple that can be seen from outer space, the last thing I would need is someone pointing it out in an email or blog post, that’s just rotten. If i’m going to be completely honest, the times I have felt the prettiest are after a day at the beach with no makeup applied. Just a gentle sun-kissed glow and dewiness from some leftover sun block. I can find beauty in my hazel eyes and light eyebrows. My skin may not always be perfect, but this is the face I was born with, the one I was given, and on some days it’s beautiful and on others it’s tired or stressed or sad. At the end of the day, when we wash it all off, that is our true face of beauty. So maybe it’s time we become a little more accustom to a bare face. I’m not saying to ditch it all completely-God knows I won’t! Instead take away the pressure of having a full face of make up every single day of your life. Throw on a tinted moisturizer and leave the house with confidence, because really, who cares what everyone else thinks anyway?

Here are some beautiful ladies who bared it all and lived to tell the tale:

Go be bare faced.



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