What to pack for a music festival.


Finally, 2014 will be the year of my first ever music festival experience!

Bonnaroo has been a long awaited adventure, and while some have tried to sway me with talk of messy bathrooms and smelly tent neighbors, my excitement still remains at an all time high. Sure, it will be gross, but so many beautiful experiences are.

That being said, I still want to have the most comfortable/humane experience I can. I may be living in my own filth for 4 days, but I am not an animal! So in my attempt to control as much of my own environment as possible, I started to create a list of packing essentials.

Advice is requested so please feel free to make suggestions.

What to pack for a music festival:

1. A tent…a good one.


2. Camping chairs

3. A cot or sleeping bag

4. A cooler ( At least 1)

5. First Aid Kit

6. Flashlights/ lantern

7. Bug Spray

8. Baby Wipes (for every possibly reason)

Baby Wipes

9. Sun Block – the good stuff!!

Sun Block

10. Baby powder

11. Dry shampoo

12. Water Bottles

13. Portable phone charger/car charger

Iphone charger

14. Plastic bags

15. Rain jacket

16. Rain boots

17. Sheets, bedding ect.

18. A lighter

Bob Marley Zippo

19. More underwear than you think you need

20. 2 Pairs of shorts

21. 2 Bathing suits

Bathing Beauties

22. 6 different tops

23. Flip-flops

24. Toms


25. Hair ties and wraps

26. Sweat pants and sweat shirt

27. Sunhat

28. Sunglasses


29. Bath Towels

30. Hand sanitizer

31. Toothbrush and paste

32. Disposable Cameras

Kodak Disposable Camera

I will definitely be adding to this so stay tuned!



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