The easiest summer brussels sprout recipe ever.

So, let’s discuss the beauty of these little mini cabbages we so lovingly refer to as Brussels Sprouts. In the past, these nutritious buds were after down-played as one of the least liked vegetables for it’s bitter taste, but when cooked correctly these morsels can add a much needed splash of color and flavor to any Summer BBQ.Not to mention they are chock full of Sulforaphane, a known cancer fighter.

Brussels Sprout Recipe

Boiling Brussels Sprouts had long been the go-to (AKA boring) way to cook them, unfortunately it also happens to be the least nutritious way. My preferred method has always been roasting, however the thought of turning on the oven in 90 degree heat is enough to make me re-think my ways.

Pan frying is not only the best way to maintain cancer fighting antioxidants, it also happens to be extremely tasty.

First you need to make this quick and easy Marinade.

* You can pretty much use this on anything including steak, chicken and other vegetables.

What you need:

The juice from half a Lemon

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

3-4 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

4 Table Spoons of Olive Oil ( You will probably need to add more to the pan throughout the cooking process, so keep it handy.)

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl.

Lemon Garlic marinade

Depending on the size of your sprouts, toss in your halved or quartered brussels. (I opted to quarter mine since they were quite large.) If you are prepping a day ahead, cover and refrigerate. If not, add them to a pan on medium heat.

Brussels Sprouts

They usually need to cook for 10-15 minutes. The end is near when you start to seeing that yummy caramelized browning.

Brussels Sprouts

The finished product should look something like this. The garlic and lemon perfectly combine for that delicious fresh Summer flavor we all know and love. These were served with Pork Chops from the BBQ and fresh corn.

Brussels Sprouts

Happy cooking.



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