The 5 sites all bloggers should visit today.

1| Canva


Canva guides the graphically challenged and helps you create custom designs. The site is user friendly and the high quality images are not the usual cringe-worthy stock photos some of us bloggers fall victim to.

2 | Death to Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photos

Speaking of those heinous stock photos, Death to Stock Photos is the exact opposite. Subscribers receive a free zip file of photos every month with varying themes. Sure, you never know what you’re going to get ( cue Forest Gump reference) but over time you will build an arsenal of beautiful pictures you can display on you site with pride.

3 | Photjojo

Photo JoJo

Photojojo is perfect for both the aspiring photographer and the well-worn filmmaker. This site a virtual candy store for anyone looking to enhance their iPhone capabilities, or the on-the-go blogger who may need a perfectly lit fold-up studio on hand.

I present to you, the Foldio.

Get inspired and create beautiful images of your own.

4 | The Ink Nest

The Ink Nest

With topics like “Sweet Folks” The Ink Nest caters to all of our whimsical needs with their lovingly crafted graphic images. Packages are around $8, which is usually less than a buck an illustration. It’s also a great way to help promote talented artists.

5 | Nicole’s Classes

Nicole's Classes

If you are serious about perfecting your blogging abilities, Nicole’s Classes cover everything from Photoshop to Food Styling. The 4 week long program could set you back $125, but the knowledge is invaluable. They also offer a few free tutorials for those of us a little light on cash this month.

Happy Creating.


Special thanks to Mollie Makes Blogging: The Big Guide to Creative Content for all the info.


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