One more Summer read: Wild

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Let me first state, from a reading perspective, I’ve had a pretty disappointing Summer, ranking in at just 2 books from June to August 20. Two books. Which is one more than what most high school students are required to complete, and 5 less than what I accomplished last year. In spite of this hideous fact, the Summer wasn’t a complete literary wash out. One of the two books was Wild , you know, the one with the girl who goes camping for a really long time?

Of course there is much more to it than that, but for the longest time whenever someone would mention the book to me, the first thought that came to mind was usually “Oh, the nature book where she loses her boot”. Reading about Cheryl Strayed’s journey both on the Pacific Crest Trail and off really helped me get past some Summer blues and take greater appreciation for my own life.

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The tragic death of her mother, the end of a young marriage, and a terrifying dip into drugs and promiscuity all led Cheryl to take those first few steps onto the trail. The trail which turned out to be a last stitch effort to re-contruct a soul torn down by the events of an unfortunate life. The boot falling off was the very least of her problems. This memoir is a testament to how wonderfully nature could cure almost anything, and how important it is that we preserve it.

Pick up a copy of Wild here


Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie starring Reese Witherspoon here.

Happy Reading.



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