For decades, possibly even centuries, women have gone straight to the LBD for all of their fancy schmancy events, and while I’d still fall to my knees with gratitude for Coco Chanel, can we please not all succumb to a life of only one option? There are so many affordable alternatives that will make you a welcomed stand out in a sea of black dresses, more than one of which was probably worn to an elderly Aunts funeral, lets be honest.

Here are four options I adore!

The Cool Girl

The jumpsuit is arguably the most feared article of clothing currently in existence. It is a common misconception that only tall, lanky women can get away with this kind of silhouette, that, like most fashion horror stories, is completely false. The biggest issue most women have is using the toilet, it requires a full-nude scene and quite frankly, I think we all need to get overĀ it. A jumpsuit is a Chic step in the right direction for someone looking to collect a few envious glances without being too distracting.

This cut-out black jumpsuit is best paired with a bold accessory.

Forever 21 $29.90



There is not one human being on planet earth that does not look good in bright colors, there has to be some Harvard study out there that proves it. This Canary yellow, long-sleeved number is the perfect option for a Spring or Summer shin-dig. It comes in black too, but how can anyone deny the mood enhancing qualities of this stand-out hue.

H&M $59.95

The Tree Hugging Hippie

Floor length dresses are not only reserved for black tie events. A long, floral, flowing halter, is guaranteed to give you princess-like feels throughout the night. Plus, the forgiving silhouette will give you free-range over the dessert table. Perfect for a beach wedding or garden party.

Nordstrom $158

Floral gown

You Gotta Keep-em Separated

Working with separates is a great way to mix and match prints/colors/ textures while still making the most out of your wardrobe. Invest in a few different cropped tops and skirts and you could have an endless array of outfit options. I particularly love this pairing from Nastygal.

Nastygal $168


Hope you enjoyed!



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