For decades, possibly even centuries, women have gone straight to the LBD for all of their fancy schmancy events, and while I’d still fall to my knees with gratitude for Coco Chanel, can we please not all succumb to a life of only one option? There are so many affordable alternatives that will make you a welcomed stand out in a sea of black dresses, more than one of which was probably worn to an elderly Aunts funeral, lets be honest.

Here are four options I adore!

The Cool Girl

The jumpsuit is arguably the most feared article of clothing currently in existence. It is a common misconception that only tall, lanky women can get away with this kind of silhouette, that, like most fashion horror stories, is completely false. The biggest issue most women have is using the toilet, it requires a full-nude scene and quite frankly, I think we all need to get overĀ it. A jumpsuit is a Chic step in the right direction for someone looking to collect a few envious glances without being too distracting.

This cut-out black jumpsuit is best paired with a bold accessory.

Forever 21 $29.90



There is not one human being on planet earth that does not look good in bright colors, there has to be some Harvard study out there that proves it. This Canary yellow, long-sleeved number is the perfect option for a Spring or Summer shin-dig. It comes in black too, but how can anyone deny the mood enhancing qualities of this stand-out hue.

H&M $59.95

The Tree Hugging Hippie

Floor length dresses are not only reserved for black tie events. A long, floral, flowing halter, is guaranteed to give you princess-like feels throughout the night. Plus, the forgiving silhouette will give you free-range over the dessert table. Perfect for a beach wedding or garden party.

Nordstrom $158

Floral gown

You Gotta Keep-em Separated

Working with separates is a great way to mix and match prints/colors/ textures while still making the most out of your wardrobe. Invest in a few different cropped tops and skirts and you could have an endless array of outfit options. I particularly love this pairing from Nastygal.

Nastygal $168


Hope you enjoyed!



I love you, Bill Cunningham.

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham has been at it for years, specifically when it comes to his famed street style images. Here he examines the never-ending gladiator sandal trend, and how the fashion of this Summer differed from the years prior.


For more from Bill Cunningham visit the NYT’s YouTube channel here

Spring 2015 | Rebecca Minkoff

Ethereal princess and upper east side prepsters rejoice, Rebecca Minkoff just supplied you with a closet filled with enviable pastels. There is little surprise when it comes to the beauty of this collection, Minkoff has been sending her romantic urban creations down the runway since 2009 with nothing but praise from the critics.

This collection is no exception. The classic white shirt is no stranger to this line-up of Hampton Chic dresses and endless Summer nights on Brooklyn rooftops. Rebecca is a bred New York designer, and all these looks fit seamlessly into the city she adores.

Here are some of my favorites. Share yours in the comments.

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Happy Fashion Week.

P.s. I took a week off of daily posts because I was a sickly mess who couldn’t bare to type. Happy to get back in the game this week.


In defense of Lena Dunham’s dress

Lena Dunham

I first became a fan of Miss Dunham after stumbling across her film Tiny Furniture on Netflix a few years back. The movie was a painfully relatable tale about a young woman adjusting to life after college, a subject which has been examined and retold close to 100 million times. In spite of that fact, the writing and character development was innovative and uniquely entertaining. Dunham managed to capture the anxieties of a generation without making us all dry heave.

Tiny Furniture - main image

Almost none of the romantic interests work out, welcome to real life, and her pre-grad friends no longer make the cut in a post collegiate world. My absolute favorite scene is when she tells her mother about a humiliating encounter, which involved a doggy-style sex act in an empty sewage pipe. Yes, you read the correctly. I guess what I really like about her is the willingness to take it to not-so-pretty places, and hey, guess what? Real life isn’t always so pretty. Sometimes you date 3 men in a row who don’t like you, and you still have to get up in the morning and pull it all together.


When Girls finally premiered I was pleasantly surprised to see that same humor and honesty which I had found so endearing. Love her or hate her, she is a revelation in comedy and a huge step forward for woman in the arts. She also sometimes make quirky outfit choices and has a normal-looking body which she has no shame in showing, and why should she? The fact that so much attention has been placed on her physical features speaks volumes about who we are as a society and how we value women.

Girls hbo lena dunham

Lena Dunham is too much like us, her stomach is too soft, her hair is too unkept, and sometimes she makes a fool of herself after drinking too much opium tea. That is why I will never fault her for wearing Giambattista Valli Couture, Hell, I would give a small toe to get in that insane gown. Normal people don’t go to award shows, but Lena does, and she made sure to be remembered for it.

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff

Be you, be happy.


Lifestyle Showdown | Blake Vs. Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively

In a Kill Bill inspired battle to the death, two leggy blonde queens will fight for the title of lifestyle guru.

Well, not really, but I must admit, the thought of these two going at it with custom Hattori Hanzo swords is enough to save me from a mid-week funk. It’s hard to imagine anyone having the ability to out shine Gwen at her own posh game, anyone except Blake Lively, who for all intensive purposes may be her genetic clone.

I took it upon myself to go through the arduous task of reviewing both sites in a head to head showdown. First up, her Lord and savior, the inventor of concious uncoupling and lover of $1200 jewelry boxes, Gwyneth Paltrow and her goop.

Web Design |


Goop wins major brownie points for it’s clean and accessible site. If you have been on the internet for more than 5 minutes at a time, you may have noticed that simplicity is all the rage, proving that sometimes trends are the way to go. The website feels effortless, allowing the content to be the primary source of interest.

Fashion |


It’s easy to get sidetracked by some of the ultra expensive clothing suggested on the site, although in the recent past there has been a shift with more reasonable brands such as J.Crew and Zara. Don’t get excited just yet, Paltrow hasn’t moved too far away from unattainable luxury items, such as a $245 Robot Sweatshirt that is only appropriate for a kindergartner. Still, I have to give credit where credit is due, the woman knows clothes, and it looks like somebody out there is buying this stuff because half of it is sold out- reveal yourselves!

Food |


White Pear Kimichi aside, the recipes featured on the site are not as absurd as one might expect. Sure, some of the ingredients may be a little out there ( I’m looking at you dandelion greens) but who can be mad at fried chicken? Overall the dishes are relatively easy to follow, even for the novice chef.

Commerce |


My goodness, the woman loves to monogram stuff. Before you ask yourself what one would do with a five-hundred dollar wooden longboard, please remember that this is goop, and while she will sometimes throw in a Zara coat, most of the items offered are pricey pricey. There is a reason the mere mention of it causes exaggerate eye movement.


Next up, everybody’s favorite Gossip Girl, the envy of Teenagers everywhere, Blake Lively’s Preserve.

Web Design |


Preserve takes a different turn with a darker, moodier layout. It’s definitely a departure from the whitewashed websites that seems to be popping up everywhere, although I’m not sure if that is a benefit or a hindrance. There is a mystical new-age feel, which may or may not have been done on purpose, it’s hard to tell. I’m also perplexed as to why these people are wearing shoes in 3 inches of water?

Fashion |


Continuing on with the strange-ness, there is an entire post dedicated to why it’s ok to wear black during the day, black, as if this is a foreign concept. (Side note: Do people really need to be told this? Yes, wear black, it’s the best non-color color ever. Bury me in it.) Oh, you can buy an artisan apron for a hundred bucks. There doesn’t seem to be too much of an emphasis on clothing here, but that may also be because the site is fairly new.

Food |


The big difference between goop and Preserve is editorial, where Paltrow’s site is straight to the point, Preserve likes to tell a story. Which is the case with the donuts, oh, the donuts. Here contributor Ransom Weaver gives a peek inside of L.A.’s Donut Friend, where apparently magic is preformed with flour and sugar. The short story was adorable and the images, mouthwatering.

Commerce |


The prices in the Shop may vary, but they are a far cry from that $1200 jewelry box. Actually, that sold-out all natural hot fudge looks like something I could get behind. A $600 crystal bowl being the exception, most of the products offered are splurge items that won’t break the bank completely. Who needs to eat more than bread, and water, and Artisan hot fudge any way?

Winner |

Gwyneth Paltrow

I have to give this one to Gwyneth. Yes, she is pretentious and way too into herself, but the site is welcoming and easily navigated. That’s not to say Blake is far behind, with a little polish I’m sure we will be scoffing at the insanity of Artisan deodorant in no time. Until then, please enjoy both these sites in whatever way you see fit.

Happy Lifestylin.


*All images where grabbed from their respected sources.

50 of the most fashion-forward Pinterest accounts VIA StyleCaster

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.57.18 PM

If you’re following me on Pinterest then you already know things have gotten out of hand, I just can’t help myself. There is something oh so satisfying about categorizing clothing you can never wear, projects you will never do and food you will NEVER make into colorful little squares. You feel like an accomplished homemaker without ever lifting a DIY hand-dipped olive oil infused wooden spoon.

So clearly this morning’s StyleCaster article listing 50 of the Most Fashion Forward Pinterest Accounts to Follow Now caught my eye. I love getting an, albeit small and stylized, glimpse into the lives of bloggers and other creatives. One of my most favorite is Eat.Sleep.Wear her fun California fresh approach to fashion and life is exhilarating for a girl on the east coast.


Follow Eat.Sleep.Wear

An honorable mention goes to Carrie Hampton of Life Styles Files Blog her blog, like her Pinterest, is simple, colorful and informative. With over 100 boards she is no stranger to the late-night pinning we have all succumb to at one point or another.

Carrie Hampton

Follow Carrie Hampton|Life Style Files Blog

Now I’m going back to obsessing over other peoples DIY decorated East Village lofts *pin * pin *pin.

Follow me here

Happy Pinning.

20 new fashion bloggers you need to know about.

The 20 new Personal Style bloggers you need to know.

The always incomparable Who What Wear has sorted through the seemingly endless amount of up and coming fashion bloggers to bring us the best and the brightest. Take a look at these newcomers and decided for yourself if they have hootspa to hang with the likes of Manrepeller and The Blonde Salad. The one thing I’m sure we all can a agree on is the “mixed prints” trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

See all the bloggers in their natural habitat here.