My Hair Growth Plan: All the tears and products.


I am that girl at the hair salon.

The one cringing in her seat while the stylist, who is most likely annoyed beyond words, trims off just the slightest measurement from my dead, fried strands. I can’t help it. My mother had long, lustrous locks of which she wore like a badge of honor through much of her late teens and early 20’s. It was a legacy I was more than happy to uphold, until, well, I didn’t. I think it was the 6th or 7th grade where I finally let the scissors cut into the thick, warm brown strands which had grown un-touched for close to 5 years.

The result was less-than desirable. What was once long, thick and wavy, was now short, puffy and shapeless. It was then that I also discovered my hair had (No, God!) TEXTURE! The battle had begun. Now please insert years of heat torture, dye, bleach, ombre and that one Summer I tried to look like a Kardashian and you have a head of hair with quite a lengthy history. I learned a lot about my hair over the years, most of all that I was happiest when it was long. So, on my last hair appointment, my stylist and I came up with a plan- you guessed it!- a hair growth plan.

Step 1: A dusting every 6-8 weeks.


Getting a “dusting” is industry lingo for ‘literally’ cutting off just the ends. This may seem anti-productive, however it ensures that the length you do have will look neat and healthy. Having long, stringy hair is not a good look on anybody. Schedule them ahead of time to take the guess work out, best part is, these types of cuts are usually inexpensive, in some cases you can request a dry cut and save on the wash/ blow-dry fee.


Step 2: Wash 2-3 times a week

washing hair

Yes, I know, nothing in this world feels better than having freshly washed hair. The problem is, most of our natural oils are stripped away each and every time we lather up. To prevent damage, try washing your hair 2-3 times a week based on how oily you hair tends to get. You will probably be Pinning messy bun tutorials by day 3, but the end result is so worth it.


Step 3: Dry with a soft T-shirt

cotton t

Finally, a use for that balled up t-shirt in the back of your underwear drawer. Standard towels tend to be made up of fabric that can be harsh on your sensitive strands, leaving them frayed and delicate. A towel absorbs all the extra moisture without the damage.



Step 4: Satin pillow case



Satin (or silk) pillow cases allow your hair to slip and slide all night rather than being tugged or damaged with friction.

Pick up a pair at Bed Bath and Beyond


Step 5: Weekly hair masks

hair mask

At least once a week you want to make sure you’re giving your hair a little extra boost of hydration with a hair mask, whether you followed a recipe or stopped by a drug store, there is an option for everyone. Some of my recommendations include Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask and Aussie Most 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, the second is light enough to use daily, both are under $10!

Step 6: Vitamins


Taking a daily multivitamin is always suggested, however, adding other supplements such as Biotin to your regime can have a significant effect on your hair and nail health . Keep in mind, vitamins work best when your daily diet is healthy as well. So maybe switch that hamburger for a kale salad once and a while.


I’m only a few weeks in and already I’m seeing a noticeable difference in my hair’s texture and overall appearance. Like all good things, the length will come in time. Please share your hair story in the comments!

Happy Growing!





Top 10 must-have drug store beauty products.

Whether you consider yourself a drug store goddess or scoff at the idea of cheap mascara, it’s time to listen up. The beauty brands offered in our local haunts have improved tremendously, in fact, many of the products used in fashion shows come from the same place you buy tampons. Who knew? In no particular order here are some drug store beauty products you should be getting your fancy little hands on ASAP.

1: This iconic green and pink tube has been the go-to mascara for years. Believe the hype, Maybelline’s flag-ship product leaves most other brands in the dust.

$5 Walgreens

Great Lash Maybelline 1.54.58 PM

2: Any hair stylist will tell you, L’Oréal Paris’s Elnett Hair Spray is worth it’s weight in gold. The super fine mist will hold even your most intricate styles in place, you can also brush it out in only a few strokes.

$15 Walgreens

Elnett LOreal Paris

3: I don’t know who Queen Helene is, but she sure loves to provide us with amazingly cheap and moisturizing beauty products. This Cocoa Butter hand and body lotion smells like a tropical vacation and costs less than a latte.

$3.49 Walgreens

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter

4: Don’t let the quirky name and retro design fool you. Pssssst! Dry Shampoo has been around for ages for a reason, it really really works. You need this in your life immediately.

$6.29 Walgreens


5: Aveeno’s Soothing Bath Treatment is a life-saver, especially if you have ever been unfortunate enough to have the chicken poxs. The soothing formula calms skin and controls irritating itch. Aveeno’s trademark active ingredient is gentle enough for all skin types.

$8.29 Walgreens

Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment

6: Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips are by far the best way to whiten teeth on a budget. The strips stay firmly on teeth and there is no unpleasant aftertaste. The price is well worth the bright smile you’re left with afterwards.

$50 Walgreens

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips

7: We have probably all owned a tube of this stuff at one point or another. Carmex lip balm is second to none when it comes to relieving our chapped lips and ungodly cold sores. I shutter to think about a life without it.

$1.69 Walgreens

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm

8: Nothing, and I mean nothing, will keep your pits as fresh as Mitchum will. The lightly scented gel formula lasts all day and night. This anti-perspirant in the real deal.

$3.99 Walgreens


9: Covergirl’s Cheekers blushes come in a variety of complimentary shades, not to mention the convenient compact with that iconic brush. My personal favorite hue will always be Classic Pink 101, it’s perfect for us fair skinned ladies.

$4.99 WalgreensCovergirl Cheekers Classic Pink 101

10: Revlon Creme Lipsticks leave lips super soft and in some of the best shades around. Go nude or shocking pink, with these prices you can treat yourself over and over again.

$7.29 Walgreens

Revlon Creme Lipstick

Happy Beauty Shopping.


Five things you’re NOT doing to keep your hair frizz-free.

Maintaing frizz-free hair is a daily struggle for those of us with less-than manageable follicles. Here are 5 things you could be doing to ensure those smooth and silky locks stay in place all day long.

1: Talk to your hair stylist.

Some of us are just really exceptional at camouflaging our natural texture. It’s important to explain to every stylist that you indeed do have curly hair, even if your stellar blow dry is telling them differently.

Long layers are your friend, its important to keep some weight in the hair. Volume is not usually an issue for us wavy ladies , leave short layers to the limpy haired gals (poor things).

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.28.06 PM

2: Ditch the shower for the sink.

I know what you’re going to say, but yes, I’m suggesting that you wash your hair in the sink and here’s why: The steam from your shower causes your hair to swell and expand. Washing your hair with cooler water in the sink is a hell of a lot more comfortable than a freezing shower. Cooler water seals your hair’s cuticle, leaving the shaft smooth and your hair feeling like silk.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.49.25 PM

3: Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt.

From Lauren Conrad’s mouth to your ears. A soft cotton tee is the best way to absorb excess moisture from freshly washed hair. A terrycloth towel can often cause damage when rubbed against your vulnerable strands. A well-used t-shirt does the job without fraying your fringe.I personally use a Bud light promotional tee from Summer 2011, you can feel free to get creative.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.56.06 PM

4: Buy the right blow-dryer.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a professional bow-dryer but it is important to keep a few things in mind. Ceramic is always best and you want to keep the wattage at 1300 or above. How powerful you blowdryer is will directly effect the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. A concentrator attachment is a must, it focuses the hot air giving you the best control over your style.

I suggest Conair’s Infiniti Pro Hairdryer, it has everything I mentioned above at a great price.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.14.21 PM

5: Add the right amount of product.

Many times we can overwhelm our hair with a variety of products that promise miracles. Sometimes the “less is more” mantra really is the best way to go. I start off each blow-dry with a small amount of Argan oil. This special oil is rich in omega fatty acids and rehydrates your hair in a natural way. Argan oil penetrates the follicle increasing your hair’s elasticity and preventing further damage. Add a pearl size amount when you’re done drying for some extra moisture. Finish with a fine midst hairspray to smooth over any fly aways.

Agadir Argan Oil Treatment 12.99 at Target

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.41.21 PM

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Extra StrongHold UV Hair Spray $11.99 at Target

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.43.30 PM

Happy frizz-free hair.