In defense of Lena Dunham’s dress

Lena Dunham

I first became a fan of Miss Dunham after stumbling across her film Tiny Furniture on Netflix a few years back. The movie was a painfully relatable tale about a young woman adjusting to life after college, a subject which has been examined and retold close to 100 million times. In spite of that fact, the writing and character development was innovative and uniquely entertaining. Dunham managed to capture the anxieties of a generation without making us all dry heave.

Tiny Furniture - main image

Almost none of the romantic interests work out, welcome to real life, and her pre-grad friends no longer make the cut in a post collegiate world. My absolute favorite scene is when she tells her mother about a humiliating encounter, which involved a doggy-style sex act in an empty sewage pipe. Yes, you read the correctly. I guess what I really like about her is the willingness to take it to not-so-pretty places, and hey, guess what? Real life isn’t always so pretty. Sometimes you date 3 men in a row who don’t like you, and you still have to get up in the morning and pull it all together.


When Girls finally premiered I was pleasantly surprised to see that same humor and honesty which I had found so endearing. Love her or hate her, she is a revelation in comedy and a huge step forward for woman in the arts. She also sometimes make quirky outfit choices and has a normal-looking body which she has no shame in showing, and why should she? The fact that so much attention has been placed on her physical features speaks volumes about who we are as a society and how we value women.

Girls hbo lena dunham

Lena Dunham is too much like us, her stomach is too soft, her hair is too unkept, and sometimes she makes a fool of herself after drinking too much opium tea. That is why I will never fault her for wearing Giambattista Valli Couture, Hell, I would give a small toe to get in that insane gown. Normal people don’t go to award shows, but Lena does, and she made sure to be remembered for it.

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff

Be you, be happy.